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About My Favorite Game

CubeField online game is a simple 3D video game but truly addictive graphics online. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to send your small gray ship through a space full of cubes and dodge the oncoming cubes as far as you can. The main mission is drive as far as you can and achieve the top scores. When cubefield game advances farther you’ll discover different darkened cubes and positioned in various structures. Cubefield is flash game which tests your reaction talents and help make them better while you play the game. This can seem quite foolish but you will understand that the game is complex. Cubefield is a puzzle game without finishing, it means that you can fly till you crush into something on your way and the most significant feature is the points you get for your try. The more points you gain – the higher your ranking in this game will be. Official Website:

How to play: Keep in mind that, the speed of your triangle ship step by step improves as you keep playing.

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